Curtain Selections

We offer all kinds of curtains and services: Cloth Curtains, Gauze Curtains, Soft-Sheer Curtains, Office Curtains, Shutter, Roller Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Honeycomb Curtains, Electric Curtain Tracks, Roman Blinds, Wooden Curtain Rods in Roman Style, Curtain Accessories, Window Grilles, Security Nets, Electric Drying Racks, Hospital Cubicle Curtain, Cat-Proof Mosquito Window Screen, Tent Installation Project, Cushion & Chair Pads, Bumper Padding Projects, Measurement & Installation Services, and more.

Cloth Curtains

It is the most commonly used type of curtain, with different light-filtering levels for different spaces: Bedrooms would usually require block-out curtains, while sheer curtains are perfect for living rooms to allow more sunlight. Cloth curtains are a combination of great style and high functionality.

Gauze Curtains

Gauze curtains are a perfect match with cloth curtains. Adding a sheer layer of gauze softens the interior and creates a relaxed feeling under a soft sunlight.

Roller Blinds and Others

Roller or Romain Blinds accommodate various window sizes and creates a different look & feel than cloth curtains. The blinds can be rolled up and down easily which provides better control on ventilation and brightness of the space.

Fabric Selections

We use high-quality fabrics on our curtains while ensuring a variety of styles and colors. We take pride in our quality of work and the variety of selections that meet your unique needs.

Rail & Accessories

There are 2 main categories of curtain rails: 1. Ordinary tracks which are mostly hidden. 2. Wooded Curtain Rods that are exposed to showcase the craftmanship of the rods, providing a sense of style with a matching curtain. Our curtain accessories and tracks are known to be well-made with high standards.